Web Design & Development

Launching a website doesn’t need to be stressful.

Maybe you’re running a local charitable organization and want to give donors an efficient, hassle-free platform on which to make donations. Or, perhaps you represent a manufacturing empire and want to showcase products in clean-cut, sophisticated style. Or, who knows, you could just need an overhaul of your existing user experience! Regardless, our web design and development team is here to help.

We’re passionate about quality content and streamlined UX. Pairing the two together takes a whole lot of time, energy, dedication, and creativity. Our goal is to deliver a highly optimized, beautiful and stable website that you can be proud to call your own.

Putting the Pieces Together

A website is a lot like a great big jigsaw puzzle – in approximately ten thousand pieces. Each of those pieces needs to fit together perfectly to ensure the completed project is stronger and matches what you were expecting it to look like. Good web design and development works very much in the same way. To make a website responsive, intuitive and dare we say just a little fun to use, you need a solid wireframe in place. This represents the initial process of building your dream site to ensure it becomes a reality, where our web developers determine the structure, functionality and user experience. It’s a great way to learn the ropes and understand how your site will work under the hood.

Prototyping for Practicality

Need to launch a critical update or do some behind-the-scenes permission tweaking? Your site needs to be efficient and user-friendly enough to let it happen. That’s what prototyping and subsequent coding are all about – testing to see what works, what doesn’t, and what it’s like for both users and site admins to visit. Whether you’re wanting to launch alongside a hotly anticipated product or need something reliable that can handle endless tweaks to content formatting, the websites we build are designed to be as robust and accessible as they are stunning.

We Like Controlled Chaos

Nobody ever said good web design and development was easy, but the key to success isn’t in what you deliver; it’s how. That’s why everything – from the user interface and precision-specific typography to the selection of every high-resolution image – is scrutinized and checked over thrice (a serious word for serious work). Whether we’re at the stage of wireframing, prototyping, developing UX or UI, or gluing eyeballs to your social media feed, every step counts. That’s why we stay organized, detail-focused, and firmly committed to your vision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is UX so important?

Our Ottawa web development team gets asked this a lot because UX can be one of the more time-consuming processes, requiring constant finetuning and tweaking. However, it’s critical that you have a highly optimized, streamlined user experience in place. That means a lot of cleaning up code, visual design tweaks, and constant updates during the web development process. This helps to ensure users have quick, nonsense-free access to your content. It also ensures all links function correctly and opening a webpage doesn’t make them want to tear their hair out. Simplified menus, fast load times and bloat-free animations all lend towards improved UX – and an improved final result.

Why is having a good website so important?

Everybody is online, all the time, whether they know it or not; that’s a lesson our brand strategy agency has learned over the years. This means the primary way to get someone’s attention is through the world wide web – print ads and all the rest are secondary (although still very helpful). Regardless of whether a user is on a cloud or home Wi-Fi connection, desktop or mobile, your site needs to do a few things to win them over and lead to that potential sale. These include a clean, streamlined layout, fast-loading pages, easy-to-access-and-find links and menus, and great content that wins them over. This is all part of the web design and development process; keeping your brand relevant through a combination of information and innovation.

How can I make my website different from all the others out there?

It’s not easy because there are specific aspects of your website that need to feel familiar, but there are ways to get creative with our help and deliver something special to users on mobile and desktop-class browsers. These can include the use of high-resolution video backgrounds in place of imagery, newsletters with insightful updates, social media ad campaigns that link to vibrant, eye-catching landing pages, and more.

What do your web design and development services cost?”

Our rates are designed to be highly competitive without sacrificing quality. For further information, please reach out to us so we can chat about what you’d like done! We’d be happy to provide a quote.