Logo Design

Create an immediate connection with a great logo design.

In an age when competitors are a dime a dozen, you need to rely on branding services that push the value of every dollar invested as far as it can go. A compelling, engaging, and quickly recognizable logo is one of the most rewarding branding investments you can make in the long run. It’s usually the first visual element of a brand that a potential customer will see.

And you know what they say about first impressions: You only get one.  

Fortunately, with our help, one is all you’ll need.

Make the Right Impression

While a logo is only one single element of a brand identity, it can make a dramatic impact on how effective your branding refresh will be. Regardless of whether you represent a small start-up or a multinational conglomerate, change is good, but only if it serves a definitive purpose. Our development of such assets is intricate and detail-focused for a reason: Even the smallest design element can make or break your logo’s effectiveness. We also work closely with clients to develop logos that can quickly draw the eye on collateral such as business cards, brochures, and even vehicle wraps – you name it. 

Collectively, this adds up to a wealth of potential for your brand refresh to generate attention, traffic, and sales, especially when paired with a complete visual identity overhaul.

Quality, Not Quantity

One of our guiding principles when designing a logo is to respect every line comprising of the finished image – literally! It can’t be overwhelmed with noisy details or subdued to the point where it fades into the background. Our work typically incorporates an incubation period where we draft different variants and narrow down the selections. As a rule of thumb, we typically provide up to three meticulously refined options for you to select from. Your pick then undergoes three further rounds of revisions. 

This more tightly controlled means of refinement ensures scope and vision is established and maintained from the outset – in other words, we keep a neat workspace and clear the clutter away. It’s great to have loads of ideas, but there is such a thing as oversaturation. Piling too many design elements into your logo will prevent it from delivering as significant of an impact.

We pride ourselves on creating logos that are striking, carry your core message and communicate it in a crystal-clear manner to the general public. In many ways, we envision the ideal logo as one that is invisible – your brand’s reason for existing is what should stand out before anything else.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have graphic design or visual marketing experience?

Not necessarily. Our goal is to make the logo design process not only fun and efficient, but streamlined and stress-free. We do the hard work and only ask that you approach the service with an open mind. Throw some ideas around with us and we’ll see what sticks, even when it comes to small business branding.

How much input do I need to give?

The more interested a client is in what they’re hiring us to do, the better the results. Our goal is to realize your vision, improve on it when possible, and wow your audience with something meaningful. That happens because of continuous input, particularly at the point where we present our mock-ups for your consideration.

Can a great logo really help my business perform better?

Without question. Folks today are visual learners and tend to think with their eyes. This is due to the fact that our commercialized world is steeped in visual knowledge delivery. With a compelling, eye-catching logo that represents your core values and mission, we can introduce potential customers to what you bring to the table in as little as a glance. It’s surprising how much influence a great logo can have – the more recognizable and timeless it is, the better the results!

Why does logo design “take so long?”

This is all in the eye of the beholder. You can’t rush progress on something truly great – it would be like screaming at a painter working away on a canvas in a quiet meadow. Analogy aside, great logo design considers the small details nobody else would think of, largely because it’s those little things that make the biggest impression. Our method is to go through multiple rounds of editing and approval through you, the client, to ensure we don’t just match your vision but also exceed expectations.

It’s also why we love what we do – the results are tangible because of the work that goes into them!