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From murals and car wraps to school mascots, our illustration services can be the missing piece of the puzzle that takes your branding from good to great.

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What are the benefits of illustration?

Achieve a unique look that just isn’t possible with photography
They can be tailored to any colour scheme or style to compliment your brand
Bring to life subject matter not found in reality (E.g., a bionic t-rex)
There is more control, making edits like colour changes a cinch
Illustrations are flexible and can be drawn to any shape or size
It’s a quick an relatively inexpensive way to build a library of assets
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Use illustration to add the wow
factor to any project.

Beer Label Illustration Service

Beer labels that people won’t be able to pass by.

Whether it’s a one-off beer label or a complete product line, illustrations are sure to make your craft beer stand out on the shelves.

Apparel & T-shirt Illustration Service

Make your clothing someone’s next favourite shirt.

Starting with concept sketches, we will work with you to develop apparel illustrations that your customers will be itching to get their hands on.

Custom Illustration Service

Make any project an instant standout.

Custom illustrations are a great way to add creative flair to your branding and separate your business from the competition. If you can dream it we can draw it.

You asked, and we answered.

What is your illustration process?

All of our illustration services start with a discovery process where we will discuss the project goals and the desired style. We will then submit a rough sketch of the illustration to the client for approval before moving onto the full illustration. Once the full illustration is complete, there will be two rounds of revisions (as needed) and the final illustrations will be prepped for end-use.

What style(s) of illustration do you offer?

We definitely have a signature hand-drawn style that is evident as you review our full portfolio, but are always looking to explore new style. Over the years we have created illustrations in a range of styles from modern and linear to traditional and hand-painted. If you have a style in mind, please pass along an example, and we’ll give you an honest answer about if we can achieve the style or not. 

How do I know what the final illustration will look like?

Every illustration project starts with a rough sketch and style examples that ensure everyone is on the same page moving forward. Clients can provide their own references at the start of a project if a specific style is desired. We will always let you know if we cannot achieve a requested style.

Are your illustrations drawn by hand or the computer?

Depending on the style, the project will either start as pencil on paper or begin directly on the computer. With the use of a Wacom tablet, we now work primarily digital, but there are some styles that just can’t be replicated on the computer.

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