Graphic Design

Stand out with creative and strategic graphic design work.

We’re not here to make pretty pictures. We’re not here to cling to trends as “the only way to innovate,” either. We’re here as a team dedicated to your brand’s uniqueness. 

Good graphic design isn’t all about pro-minimalism or trying to be edgy in order to stand out. In all seriousness, it represents a chance for your company’s core message – what it’s offering, and why the general public really needs it – to stand out. Everything else is secondary! Our highly experienced, professional team is proud of every graphic design project we complete because it respects the core principles of the brand and message in question. We don’t do fluff or light edits, and we also don’t let ourselves stop being creative – you never know when that next great idea is going to emerge.

Your Uniqueness is the Ultimate Value Proposition

There’s a fine line to walk between trying something new and going with popular trends, but in the end, what matters is that your brand has a unique “personality” that users can relate to. That’s not going to happen if we follow everyone else. Our designers focus on going the extra mile and purposely deviating from the norm. For instance, if a competitor is getting praise for a cheeky new ad or landing page, we’re not going to drop everything and try to mimic them. Their vision might not represent what your company stands for, and there can otherwise be a danger of blending in. Therefore, consider the unique tone, style and personality of your brand as the one key thing you can offer the general public.

Once we help them understand how you’re different from the others (and there’s a lot of “others” out there), they’ll better-respect and be drawn to what you’re offering. That’s good graphic design, hard at work.

Passion is Power

Ever see an ad that stops you in your tracks, but you wish your graphic design capabilities were up to snuff? We’ve got you covered. From typography to specific gradient styles, white space ratios, the never-ending serif-or-sans-serif debacle and much more, our team’s passion seeps into everything we do. Combined with upfront, transparent and honest service that takes your trust seriously, we’re committed to delivering something exceptional for your next graphic design project. And the next. 

We could go on – will you?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use your graphic design services for?

Name it! Stationary, vibrant-looking brochures, imagery for websites (another specialty of ours), envelopes and letterhead, direct mail, murals, vehicle wraps… the list goes on. Reach out to us today if you have something in mind – we’re open to kooky and fun ideas as long as they cast your particular brand in a favourable light.

How involved will I be in the graphic design process?

We take feedback and direction from our clients very seriously, just as we should. With the help of your continued input through complete transparency and approachability, we can help create something stunning by working together. Of course, our services are also structured to be non-intrusive on your day-to-day business and tasks, striking just the right balance to ensure you’re satisfied but not overwhelmed.

How long will my graphic design project take?

This depends on several factors. Primarily, the complexity of the job revolves around the materials used, time constraints, budget, our available resources, and how the mock-up creation and approval processes go. Like any experienced brand identity design agency, we’d need a crystal ball (and would love one), so your best bet is reaching out to the team for a time and cost estimate.

What kind of experience do you have?”

We’re one of the most respected graphic design teams in Ottawa for our three guiding principles: Quality, commitment, and borderline-scary attention to detail. These are necessities to deliver compelling, eye-grabbing graphic designs that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Our team has decades of collective experience doing practical work for real clients in a variety of industries, including small business branding jobs for locals here in Ottawa. We’d be happy to get to know you as well!