From UI to UX, CMS to HTML, We’ve Got You Covered

Every business is unique, just as your website ought to be. We develop custom web solutions tailored to your users’ needs. By carefully considering the user interface (UI) design and how information is presented, we’ll ensure your audience has a smooth, seamless experience and easily finds what they’re looking for. Of course, that’s only half of the task; a positive user experience (UX) is an equally integral component of optimizing your digital presence. All of our websites are also responsive thanks to a zero-tolerance policy for bloat and deoptimization, so rest assured, everything is going to look and function beautifully on any device.

Once your site is launched, updates are simple because of the state-of-the-art content management system (CMS) platforms we customize. Without any knowledge of programming and a minor amount of, your team can edit your website and easily upload new content. So, if you’re itching to get that time-sensitive blog covering a product launch up or are prepping a page for an innovative new service, we’ve got you covered in the backend through careful and considerate optimization – it’s often as simple as drag-and-drop! We can also help you with content development, branding, post templates, and your social media strategy to further increase engagement – and leads. All of this will help drive more traffic to your newly launched site.



This process determines the structure, functionality and how content will be presented on your website. It’s a excellent service for clients who require a little additional guidance in the early stages of the website.


Before any code is written, we develop a fully-functional prototype so you know exactly how the final product will look and work.

User Experience

UX focuses on the way users interact with your website. We ensure your website is easy to use and keeps customers coming back.

User Interface (Web Design)

UI design is the visual system (colours, typography, imagery) that will be used across the website.

Web Development

We build responsive website that look on all devices and utilize easy-to-use content management systems to make future updates a cinch for your team.

Social Media

We drive traffic to your website with eye-catching branding and compelling posts. We develop full strategies, a posting schedule, and templates to make ongoing content creation a breeze.

Looks Count, Sure, but So Do Brains!

Your site shouldn’t simply look the part – which in itself is a complex, detail-focused process – but should also be cleverly optimized for a smooth UI and UX. We’ve touched on this already, but consider what needs to actually be done: Prototyping of every single website component and appropriate bugfixes prior to launch, careful finetuning of UI elements such as drop-down menus, optimizing animations and imagery to ensure they don’t make loading that great product page you have a total pain, and more. We believe that every single line of code should be carefully scrutinized and nothing should be left to fate when designing and developing your website, which means far less hassle for your business – and users browsing it – later on.

Ready to get started? So are we! Reach out to our web design and development team today, and we’ll be happy to discuss your plans with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need before starting my website?

The main thing that’s needed before starting is a complete brand identity. We’ll need to know the colours, typography, art direction, etc., so we can translate your branding to the website. If you don’t have a clear brand direction, we can help with that! Visit our Branding page for more information about how we can help develop a visual system for your company.

To be the most cost-effective, we’ll also need to know the pages you would like, any functionality that is required, and any copy, photography and other assets that will be used. For those who are missing some of these items, don’t worry – we offer asset development, wireframing, and prototyping services and can guide you through every step of the development project.

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design is an approach that takes into consideration how the website will look on all screen sizes and devices. Based on the device used to access the website, the styling will respond to ensure that both the interface design and user experience are tailored to that specific device.

How long does a website take to develop?

Timing depends on a variety of factors, including the complexity of the site, content, and the amount of services required. As a baseline, a website with 5 page types and all content provided will take 1–2 weeks to design and 2–3 weeks to develop. All of our website proposals include detailed information about the scope and timelines for each phase of the project so clients can plan ahead for the launch.

What is a CMS?

CMS stands for “Content Management System”. CMS is the platform behind-the-scenes of your website that manages the editing, uploading, archiving and version control of your content. The CMS we most commonly use is WordPress, which is very user-friendly and when implemented correctly, users have the ability to make edits and upload new content to their website with no knowledge of coding. With a small amount of training, we are able to hand-off newly launched websites to our clients so that they can manage the site on an ongoing basis without the need to engage a web developer for every small update.

An important thing to note is that using WordPress or another CMS doesn’t mean the site is built from a pre-existing template. There are many developers that simply alter an existing WordPress theme and sell it as a “unique” site, but at Grant Burke, all of our sites are completely custom. We design and develop the website from scratch, tailoring it to our client’s specific needs, and then the last step is converting it to a WordPress theme to utilize the power of CMS.

Do you offer ongoing website maintenance?

We do not offer ongoing website maintenance. We are passionate about helping our clients build brands and it would be too time-consuming to handle the maintenance for all of our clients. This is why we always recommend implementing a CMS (content management system) so that with a small amount of training, your internal team can make edits and upload new content to your website with ease.

Having said that, the launch of your website doesn’t have to be the end of our relationship. We are here to help for any significant redesigns or if major functionality changes needs to be made (like adding a blog). The other post-launch service we recommend to all of our clients is a solid social media strategy, branding and post templates to help drive traffic to your site.