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A compelling, engaging, and quickly recognizable logo design is one of the most rewarding branding investments you can make in the long run. Whether in Ottawa or around the globe, we can design a unique logo design that will make an impression with your audience.

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Unique Logo Design Ottawa
We offer truly unique
logo design

Forget about cookie-cutter logos. We find clever ways to make every logo one-of-a-kind.

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We’re affordable without sacrificing quality

Our small, but specialized team, means that your money goes towards great design and not our hydro bill!

Timeless Logo Design Ottawa
Our logos stand
the test of time

Fundamentally strong logos mean that you won’t be going through a redesign in a few years.

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Our logo design process.


Every logo project starts with understanding your business, goals, design preferences, and specific requirements. If you’re located in the Ottawa area, we’ll do this in-person, otherwise the discussion will take place virtually. To increase efficiency, we ask all clients to complete a creative questionnaire prior to the call to gather background information and give both parties a point-of-reference through the life-cycle of the project.

Initial Concepts

We start by conducting research on your competitors and the industry as a whole to really understand the landscape. Using insights from the research and our discovery call, we start getting ideas on paper. The aim here is to explore a large number of solutions and quickly hone in on what’s working and what isn’t. You won’t see the sketches at this phase because they are rough, but internally it is crucial step of the development.

From there, the top three concepts are pushed further, polished, coloured, and placed in a presentation format for you to review.

Feedback & Revisions

This is where you as the client(s) will really start to collaborate with our design team. You’ll have the ability to select your top choice from the initial concepts and provide feedback to refine the logo further. Our goal is for the logo to be a truly accurate representation of your business by the end of the revision process (up to 3 rounds). We’ve found that this is best achieved by objective thinking and ensuring that the logo is based on strategy rather than any one individuals personal preference (ours included).

Final Delivery

Once you’re completely satisfied with the logo, we will start the export process. You will be provided with a Dropbox folder of files formatted for print and the web, including full-colour and reversed (white) logos. If the design included and icon or tagline, we’ll also provide files for each of the individual elements. Basically, you’ll end up with every file you’ll ever need.

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You asked, and we answered.

Can a great logo really help my business perform better?

Without question. Folks today are visual learners and tend to think with their eyes. This is due to the fact that our commercialized world is steeped in visual knowledge delivery. With a compelling, eye-catching logo that represents your core values and mission, we can introduce potential customers to what you bring to the table in as little as a glance. It’s surprising how much influence a great logo can have – the more recognizable and timeless it is, the better the results!

How much will my logo cost and how long will it take?

Because our approach is not cookie cutter, we price each logo project on a case-by-case basis. The rate is determined by your specific needs including the number of concepts required, rounds of revisions, and deadlines. Please complete the “Quote Request” form at the bottom of the page, and we will get back to you with pricing within a few hours.

In terms of timing, a typical logo project takes 3-4 weeks. This can be slowed down or sped up depending on how responsive the client is with feedback. We can also work towards a specific deadline if it is made clear before the project starts.

How many options will I have to choose from?

We’re focused on quality over quantity and recommend 2-3 highly polished concepts for a typical branding project. This allows us to present top-tier options that are all ready to use, rather than presenting a larger volume of designs that aren’t as strong.

In some cases, more concepts are required. We are happy to accommodate this, but need to be informed before the project is quoted to adjust the scope of work.

What types of logos do you design?

We’ve done it all! From badges and emblems, to wordmarks, mascots, and iconic logos. We try not to limit ourselves to a specific logo type at the beginning of the project, but instead examine the client’s goals and create the right kind of logo to meet them. That might mean that within the 3 initial concepts we provide that you’ll receive 1 wordmark, 1 badge, and 1 combination (icon + text) logo to choose from.

Of course, if you specifically want a certain type of logo, we are happy to accommodate that. Just make sure to mention that in the discovery phase.


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