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In an age where even the most obscure industries are fiercely competitive, it’s more important than ever to develop a strong brand identity. Customers interact with your brand across a countless number of platforms and a logo simply isn’t enough. Your branding needs to showcase a strong visual system, be relevant, memorable and portray your company values. If done right, a brand has the ability to create loyal customers that not only love your brand, but want to tell everyone else how great it is.

For established brands that aren’t meeting their full potential, we can make recommendations to get you back on track or if needed, overhaul your entire identity with a brand refresh. It’s never too early or too late to demand more from your branding.


Brand Strategy

Strategy is the foundation that all good branding projects are built on. We’ll collaborate with you to define your target audience, goals and opportunities – ensuring that all future design work is purposeful.

Visual Identity

Also known as a brand identity, this is the visual system for your brand, including the logo, colour palette, typography, and secondary brand elements.

Logo Design

We always recommend developing a full brand identity rather than just a logo. But, for those who aren’t quite ready, a standalone logo is a great first step into the world of branding.

Brand Guidelines

This technical manual is the foundation for your visual identity and acts as a guide for developing on-brand materials in the future. It outlines all of your core branding elements and takes the guess work out of future design work.

Asset Development

Once your initial brand identity has been developed, we can help build a library of branded photography, illustrations, iconography or patterns.

Graphic Design

We’ll turn your branding into business cards, brochures, postcards, signage, booklets, vehicle wraps or any other design applications you want.

Discover Your Voice – and Use it!

Much like an infant learning the sheer power of speech, a small start-up’s voice is only just emerging – and many times, it’s hard to figure out how to use it when you’re just starting out on your own. We can help amplify it with intuitive services across a range of fields. If you’re eager to market to locals and catch their eye, our product packaging design or flyer creation services might come in handy. Or, for those keen on drawing a different kind of audience, our asset development capabilities can lend a professional, dignified edge to your branding.

We’re here to help attract audiences to your brand and what it offers, sure, but what if you have an established audience that loves what you do? The worst thing that could happen is losing your first batch of supporters – cue the “they’re not the same as before” comments, right? Or, what if your new target demographic just isn’t feeling the edge or message given to a brand voice you tried to create on your own? We’re happy to help, whether through a series of tweaks or a total overhaul. Your visual identity ought to be as unique as each of your employees are, reflective of your core message and capable of communicating it to the desired audience in an engaging manner.

Transparent, Flexible Services

Look, there’s just no beating around the bush – top-quality branding takes a pretty sizable investment in most cases, and that’s because a ton of work goes into helping your company succeed. However, we believe in fairness and not constantly shaking you for more loonies; we’re transparent about our pricing from the get-go. That makes planning ahead from a financial perspective easier and more hassle-free, and you’re welcome to make adjustments to save further before we get to work. Don’t forget that you’re more than welcome to start small with your branding strategy and grow it out – in fact, we’d highly recommend it.

Rinse and Do Not Repeat

Our goal is to show that you offer something different – so don’t go into this thinking we’re all about clinging to trends and sticking to “the norm.” We’re here to help your business brand become a a highly recognizable brand – growth is essential to survival when there are so many competitors out there taking bites out of one another. Therefore, you need a clean, concise, and appropriate design – both in terms of UX, UI, and physical creations such as product packaging – that aligns with your specific offerings and reputation. In other words, we’re not going to do what that edgy, pastel-soaked competitor of yours down the street is doing. They may say good artists copy and great artists steal, but who wants to be either of those when you can be a visionary that turns heads? It’s time for a whole new perspective: Yours.

Sublime Design

A fun little rhyme but a serious statement at the same time. Everything about your brand needs to synchronize from a visual perspective, transmitting the same core message while capturing what you represent. Everything from product packaging and print ads to the precise font size and colour schemes used plays a critical role: Get your brand noticed, for the right reasons, and sell it to the public. Add a dash of personality – after all, you want to emerge as something unique – and connect to a broader audience. Combined with a custom website suited to match your branding, you’re heading in the right direction.

Branding is hard to describe in many ways. At the same time, there’s so much to dig into, that it really makes more sense to just call us up. We’re happy to chat, brainstorm, and come up with a strategy that works for your business – and highlights why it’s awesome!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your process for a branding project?

Our process always starts with a discovery meeting where we will learn about your business and set goals and expectations for the project. Next is the strategy phase, where we research the competition and presentation you our strategic recommendations and mood boards. These boards give you a visual representation of the route we are recommending and it allows everyone to get on the same page before we start designing. Next, we take the agreed upon direction and develop the initial concepts. You then have an opportunity to select the top concept and we will work with you to refine it further. At the end of the project when you’re happy, we provide you with all the hi-resolution files you’ll need in the future.

What’s the difference between a logo and a visual identity?

A logo is only one single element of a brand identity. Whereas, a visual identity is the complete system that includes the logo, typography, colour palette, photography, voice and overall art direction. At the end of a logo project you just have a logo. But, after your visual system has been created, you have an entire brand. To learn more, read our article The Difference Between a Logo And a Brand.

How many concepts/options will we receive?

We pride ourselves on quality over quantity! We generally provide two to three very refined options to choose from. The top concept is then further refined through up to three rounds of revisions. Additional concepts and revisions rounds can be added, but need to be mentioned before the project starts so they can be included in the project pricing and scope.

Why do I need a brand guidelines manual?

As companies grow, the number of employees and suppliers working on the brand grows too. One of the biggest challenges then becomes maintaining consistency. The brand guide outlines all of the rules and specifications for the company’s visual system, ensuring that all materials are on-brand, regardless of who created them.

Can you provide photography?

During the development of your brand identity we will develop a signature photography style using stock images for future reference. When it comes to building your actual photo library, there are a few options, largely dictated by budget. In an ideal world, we would recommend a photographer and have a photoshoot to get the perfect images, but this can be very expensive. More often than not, we recommend option two: source stock photography and apply a signature style to elevate the photos. If done right, this can yield comparable results to a photoshoot and the images only cost $25-50 per image versus $500-1,000 from a professional photographer.

Do you offer printing services?

Although we don’t offer printing ourselves, we have a large network of suppliers that we can connect you with and will do our best to guide you through the process. Files will be setup for your chosen printer’s specifications and we can provide recommendations for paper stock and finishes.