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Every marketing piece you create looks different from the next
Your branding just isn’t functional and every project is a struggle
The company has grown or pivoted and your branding no longer fits
You started with “quick and dirty” branding and are ready to upgrade
The brand isn’t being perceived as intended or growth has stalled
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Logo Design Service

In an instance, your logo has the power to make or break your customer’s first impression of the company. Ensure your brand is represented in the best light with a strong logo design.

Brand Identity Service

Build relationships with branding that truly represents your business.

Done right, your brand identity has the power to make your brand’s personality shine. Let us create a memorable experience and watch as your customers form a life-long connection.

Brand Guidelines Service

Lay the groundwork for future success.

Make sure your new branding stays on track and looks just as stunning 5 years from now with a brand guidelines manual that anyone can follow.

You asked, and we answered.

What is your typical process for a branding project?

We always starts with a discovery meeting (in-person or on the phone) where we will learn the ins-and-outs of your business and set goals and expectations for the project.

Next is the strategy phase, where we research the competition and presentation you our strategic recommendations and mood boards. These boards give you a visual representation of the route we are recommending and it allows everyone to get on the same page before we start designing.

Once a direction is agreed upon, we develop the initial concepts and send over for review. You then have an opportunity to select the top concept, which we will refine based on your feedback and changes that can further strengthen the work. At the end of the project when you’re happy, we will package up all of the brand assets and provide a Dropbox link with all of the files you’ll ever need.

What’s the difference between a logo and a brand identity?

A logo is only one single graphic element of a brand identity whereas, a brand identity is the overall experience that comes as a result of the branding. It is all-encompassing and includes the complete visual system (logo, typography, colour palette, photography, etc.) as well as the tone and personality of the company. 

At the end of a logo project you have one piece of the puzzle and no matter how strong the logo is, its impact will be limited without accompanying design elements and copywriting to strengthen your brand’s message. This is where a complete brand identity comes in.

To learn more about the differences, we’ve written a more extensive article: The Difference Between a Logo And a Brand.

How many concepts will I receive?

We pride ourselves on quality over quantity! We generally provide two to three very refined options to choose from. Many design companies will present 10+ options, but the reality is that only a few are strong enough to use and the remainder are often just filler. When working with us, every option you are presented will be worthy of using and a level of quality that we are proud to stand behind.

For a variety of reasons, some clients may require additional concepts. This is completely fine, but needs to be mentioned before quoting the project so that it can be factored into the price and timing.

Rebrand vs Brand Refresh: What’s the Difference?

The simplest explanation is that rebrands are for company’s that are changing their name and relaunching with an entirely new tone and visual identity. A brand refresh on the other hand, is more of a tune-up or facelift. Over time, many aspects of a company can evolve including the size, values, and services. Once this happens, it is time to refresh the branding to be a truly accurate representation of the company.

The size of the project can be small or large, depending on how large of a change is needed. Some companies have a great foundation to work with and just need some modern adjustments. Other will require more of an overhaul. In both cases, we always work to include elements of the original branding to ensure that it’s clear that it’s the same brand, but with an updated look and feel.

Read more about the topic in our article: Rebrand vs Brand Refresh: What’s The Difference?


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